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Google goes back to basics

The world's biggest snoop, the monster named Google, has snuck off back to its lair with its tail between its legs, after blowing the simple experiment of having a picture on its search page.

This simple stunt was a disaster. Users, whose trust in Google is at an all-time low after its Street View snooping shenanigans were exposed, thought the whole thing a tactic to get them to sign up for more snooping.

The "experiment" was supposed to run for 24 hours but in the event only lasted 14.

Google confessed on its bog: "We ran a special 'doodle' that showcased this functionality by featuring a series of images as the background for our homepage.

"We had planned to run an explanation of the showcase alongside it - in the form of a link on our homepage. Due to a bug, the explanatory link did not appear for most users.

"As a result, many people thought we had permanently changed our homepage, so we decided to stop today’s series early. We appreciate your feedback and patience as we experiment and iterate."

Google 'bugs' range from forgetting to explain things on its search page to forgetting that its Street View cars were running software that would gather everything from your bank account details to your favourite porn sites, should you be daft enough to leave your home Wi-Fi network unsecured.

It really is morphing into Microsoft.