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Google Releases Chrome Frame For Internet Explorer

Google has released the beta version of its Chrome Frame open source plug-in for Internet Explorer.

Google was forced to develop the Chrome Frame plug-in to allow Google Wave to work on the browser.

According to Google, Chrome Frame has more than 200 bug fixes aimed at increasing Internet Explorer's performance and will enhancing its security.

Earlier versions of Chrome Frame were severely criticised by security experts and competitors for compromising the security of its users.

Mitchell Baker, CEO of Mozilla Co. had said: "If you end up at a website that makes use of the Chrome Frame, the treatment of your passwords, security settings, personalisation all the other things one sets in a browser is suddenly unknown”.

The Chrome Frame plug-in offers similar services to the Chrome 5 web browser, including HTML5 audio and video, geolocation, web worker API and the the canvas tag.

Google's Chrome Frame is already in use on may websites, including Orkut,WordPress, Meebo and YouTube.