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Motorola Fast-Tracks Milestone XT720 Launch

Motorola is to rush forward the launch of its latest smartphone, the Milestone XT720.

The Milestone XT720 will now be available from 2 July.

European technology blog EuroDroid alerted readers to the fact that Expansys, Motorola's exclusive release partner for the phone in the United Kingdom, has begun to accept pre-orders for the latest Motorola offering.

Milestone XT720, which is the European edition of Motorola's Motoroi, has many improvements over the last Milestone handset, including an 8-megapixel camera, a xenon flash unit, 720p HD quality video recording, a non-HD 480x854 display and external HDMI support.

Motorola customers expressed some disappointment at the fact that the Android handset will come installed with Android version 2.1, rather than the very latest version, 2.2 - making it look a tad outdated beside the competition.