OCZ launches Vertex 2 enterprise SSDs

OCZ is best known for targeting willy-wavers with its high-end PSUs, SSDs and premium RAM, but the memory maker is also eyeing up the enterprise market. The company has just announced two new solid state drives, which it says are specifically tailored to the demands of servers.

The Vertex 2 Pro and Vertex 2 EX both use Sandforce's acclaimed SF-1500 controller, enabling the drives to read at up to 285MB/sec and read at up to 275MB/sec. OCZ says that the drives can also perform sustained writes at up to 250MB/sec, and 4KB random writes at up to 50,000 IOPS (input/output per second)

The Vertex 2 Pro is based on the usual multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash memory, but the Vertex EX uses the costlier and more robust single-level cell (SLC) chips. The SLC chips offer ten times the number of program/erase (P/E) cycles as the MLC memory, says OCZ.

Both drives come with a 3Gb/sec SATA II interface as standard, but OCZ also plans to offer serial-attached-SCSI (SAS) versions in the future.

So what distinguishes these drives from your average consumer SSD? OCZ explains that the new enterprise drives feature an integrated supercapacitor that functions as an emergency power backup, ensuring that the drive can finish its tasks if there's a power cut, resulting in minimal data loss.

The company also says that the drives provide "superior ECC protection," as well as "unique technology that mimics RAID-like protection and recovery from flash block failures on a single drive."

The new drives will be available in capacities of 50GB, 100GB and 200GB, and come with a three-year warranty.