Pentagon starts Manhunt for Wikileaks founder

Julian Assange, the globe-trotting founder of whistle-blowing web site Wikileaks, is being hunted by Pentagon officials.

Investigators are, according to The Daily Beast, desperate to track down the Australian ex-hacker, who is well-known to have no permanent address, in order to stop him posting details of secret cables leaked by Bradley Manning.

Manning, who is currently incarcerated in Kuwait, is the 22-year-old army intelligence officer thought to be responsible for leaking thousands of secret military documents, including a shocking video of unarmed civilians and journalists being slaughtered by a US helicopter gunship.

The cables are thought to relate to to American diplomatic and intelligence programmes including those from war zones in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Assange famously moves from one country to another very few weeks and publishes the contents of Wikileaks from a laptop using wireless data connections.

He recently tweeted, "looks like we’re about to be attacked by everything the U.S. has."