Twitter Acquires Trendly Web Analytics App

Twitter yesterday acquired the company behind web analytics application Trendly, in a move aimed at improving the micro-blogging site's new Promoted Tweets programme.

Trendly, developed by software maker Smallthought Systems, provides detailed data on web traffic from Google Analytics, which Twitter will be able to use to enhance the adoption of its Promoted Tweets programme.

Smallthought's staff will join the analytics team at Twitter, where they will help to build Trendly features into Twitter's existing systems and be involved in the development of new products

Twitter's announcement of this acquisition read "Every day millions of people use Twitter to create, share and discover information, and as we grow, analytics becomes an increasingly crucial part of improving our service."

Twitter will be able to use data from Trendly to provide better services to the customers of its Promoted Tweets programme.

Twitter earlier announced that the platform now received almost 1 billion Tweets each month.