Vodafone Gears Up for Launch of Samsung's iPhone Killer

Vodafone has started to take pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S 16GB mobile phone in the United Kingdom.

The smartphone, which is set to be released next Tuesday, is seen as a potential rival to Apple's new iPhone 4.

Samsung's latest smartphone runs the Android 2.1 operating system, and boasts a wide range of features including a 4-inch super-AMOLED screen and 1GHz processor. Its five-megapixel camera boasts the ability to record High Definition videos. The camera comes with 16GB memory as standard, expandable to 32GB, as well as GPS, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Galaxy S also has Samsung's mobile Digital Natural Image engine (mDNIe) running on it.

Vodafone is offering the smartphone for free on a two-year contract, with monthly costs starting from £25 per month with 100 free minutes, 500 free texts and 1GB mobile internet allowance.

For £35 a month, users get 900 free minutes and unlimited SMSs in addition to the usual 1GB data download limit.