Apple faces investigation over iAds

Apple faces an investigation by U.S. trade regulators at the Federal Trade Commission over fears that its power in the market for software used on mobile devices may harm competition.

News of the development is based on a Bloomberg story, which references the usual sorts of people "close to the matter".

It follows a complaint about Apple's rules regarding advertising on its mobile devices from rival Google.

According to Bloomberg, the FTC now has a green light to proceed with an investigation into how Apple's fussiness over what can and cannot appear on its devices will affect competition the growing mobile ad. market.

The investigation will also consider Apple's rules regarding software development for it's iPlatforms and may also consider the outfit's sidelining of Adobe's Flash, which, like it or hate it, is fairly ubiquitous on the Interweb as we know it.

The U.S. Justice Department has also recently been poking about in the digital music market since Apple owns a menacing share of the download market through its iTunes service.

Google, of course, is a great big advertising company, but it was apparently the rise of Apple as a potential competitor which helped smooth the way for the search engine outfit's take-over of Admob, following an FTC probe.

The mobile ad. market in the U.S. is expected to be worth $500 million this year, according to IDC.