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YouTube Video Used To Catch Illegal Snake Handler

A YouTube video has been used as evidence in an investigation involving a licensed snake-handler accused of illegally releasing captured snakes.

Sunshine Coast snake catcher, David Dixon Jolly, 72, pleaded guilty to 62 charges concerning the illegal treatment of snakes at Maroochydore Magistrates Court yesterday after being confronted in court with clips from the online video sharing site.

The crime could cost him up to $7500 Aud in fines.

According to Australian laws, upon capturing a snake, a snake-handler should release captured snakes in a suitable habitat somewhere close to the location it was found.

The authorities became aware of Jolly's actions after seeing YouTube footage of him and two associates capturing and releasing snakes on the Sunshine Coast.

Annastacia Palazczuk, the acting climate change minister for Queensland, said (opens in new tab): “Registered wildlife handlers with licences to capture or rehabilitate injured wildlife have a fundamental responsibility to care for native wildlife in their care and to abide by the highest standards of their industry.”