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WSTS sees chip market growing by 28.6 per cent

The World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) reckons the semiconductor market is set to grow by 28.6 per cent to $291 billion this year.

Last year, 2009, the semiconductor industry was affected by the global economic crisis, with contracting results at an -9.0 per cent growth, totalling $226.3 billion, the organisation which represents 63 chip companies estimates.

This year, the industry is recovering with revived enterprise and consumer spending, the outfit said. The industry reckons businesses are finally getting around to upgrading their hardware boosted by the fact that Windows 7 allows them to skip Vista. But the real growth comes from mobile devices mainly smartphones and netbooks as well as laptops. This year we may or may not see the tablet take off too.

The new forecast presents a materially more optimistic outlook for the year 2010, with an increase of $44 billion over the autumn predictions.

The industry is now expected to top $320.2 billion in 2012, with a three-year compound annual growth rate of 12.3% from 2009 to 2012.

The organisation breaks down the growth from region to region in the following chart:

Source: World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS)