ARM Shares Jump On Rumours of Apple Takeover

The share price of chip maker ARM Holdings rose to an all time high on Friday after rumours of a fresh takeover attempt by Apple.

The Financial Times reports that ARM's share price jumped 32 per cent on Friday, rising to more than to 362.4p per share amid rumours of an Apple bid.

UK-based ARM Holdings designs and manufactures the processors Apple uses in its iPhone and iPad tablet devices.

ARM share prices have already risen three times so far this year in reaction of rumours of a potential buyout by Apple.

Bill Ismail, a trade analyst at UK-based City Index Limited, said that rumours concerned a possible bid, but lacked any detail about possible share price offers.

Analysts have suggested that the acquisition would not really benefit Apple, and that the deal, if it ever takes place, could spoil ARM's relationship with its customers and attract the attention of industry regulators.