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Bill Gates Calls For US Rethink On Green Energy

Bill Gates has urged the government of United States of America to overhaul its annual investment in research and development for clean energy.

Gates hopes that by investing in researching into renewable energy, America can be freed from its current dependence on oil.

While giving an interview to ABC News "This week", Microsoft founder Gates referred to the ongoing BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and called into question the current policy of the US energy department.

Last week, Gates and the American Energy Innovation Council (AEIC) issued a statement urging authorities to come up with new energy sources in order to reduce America's dependence on oil.

Gates and the Council called for the government to increase investment in the energy sector from $11 billion to $16 billion a year.

By contrast, America currently invests nearly $30 billion in the health sector and around $80 billion on defence projects.

Gates conceded that the US budget was tight, and to invest the extra money might not be possible in the short term, but he insisted he was optimistic of a breakthrough.