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Bing Could Overtake Google, Experts Predict

Microsoft's Bing search engine has managed impressive growth over its first year, in spite of stiff competition from rival search giant Google.

Bing's share of the US search market increased by nearly 3.4 per cent, taking it from 8.4 per cent in June 2009 to 11.8 per cent in April this year, according to data released by market research company comScore.

Bing, which celebrated its first birthday two weeks ago, is expected to grab more than 30 per cent of the search engine market when Yahoo search is phased out as a part of a deal with internet company Yahoo.

Despite Google's dominance in the search market, some experts believe Bing has the potential to surpass the search giant within a few years.

This threat has prompted Google to come up with an upgraded search index, Google Caffeine.

Microsoft's search engine is also a favourite among older web users in the United States. Other factors behind the increase in Bing's popularity include deals with Facebook, Verizon Wireless and HP.