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Dell goes Ubuntu bananas

Dell has been selling Ubuntu-powered PC systems for quite some time - since 2007, in fact - but it appears the once-direct firm, currently embroiled in a controversy over financial shenanigans, has now gone all-out in a bid to promote the Linux-based operating system, even at the cost of Microsoft's Windows.

"First and foremost, Ubuntu is an Operating System. Just like Microsoft Windows or Apple MacOS, you can use Ubuntu to surf the web, check email, or just about anything you might want to do," chirrups Dell on it's new Ubuntu page.

"It is simple and elegant and based on stable, secure, easy-to-use software that’s been around for a long time," the firm says in its top ten reasons to choose Ubuntu.

Not only is "Ubuntu is designed for the Internet, it comes with Firefox, a very popular browser," trumpets Dell. "It plays videos, songs and movies easily."

But here's the kicker:

"Ubuntu is safer than Microsoft Windows." In fact: "The vast majority of viruses and spyware written by hackers are not designed to target and attack Linux," says Dell.

Not only has Linux been around for nearly 20 years, the software itself is "stable and reliable, but also pervasive".

Since 2007 the company has shipped more computers pre-loaded and pre-tested with Ubuntu than any other computer maker in the world, says Dell.

So there you have it: Ubuntu is obviously quite simply better than Windows. It's just a shame that most things Dell says have to be taken with a pinch of salt, not least its financial reporting.