E3 : Microsoft To Debut New Xbox 360 Console

Microsoft has announced a redesigned version of its Xbox 360 gaming console which should allow it to compete more effectively with the Sony Playstation 3 Slim when it comes to general design and storage capacity.

The new model - nicknamed Xbox 360 Slim - is smaller than the existing console and sports a black glossy finish rather than the signature ivory white colour. The standard disk capacity grows from 120GB to 250GB and the console now includes Wi-Fi 802.11n on top of the standard Ethernet port.

Unfortunately there won't be a Blu-ray player thrown in and there are three USB ports at the back with potentially more connectors that might come at a later stage.

The updated console, which was presented as part of Microsoft's presentation at E3, will be Kinect ready out of the box (no add-on required) and should go on sale towards the end of the week, at least in US shops and online stores for the same price as the current model - $299.

Expect it to come in the UK and the rest of Europe within the next two weeks. As a reminder, the Super Elite version of the console (with a 250GB hard disk drive) is currently available from Amazon with FF XIII, Red Dead Redemption and a 2M HDMI cable for £210.