Google bakes World Cup results into search

Google is publishing World Cup scores, fixtures and group stage standings into its search results pages, so users do not need to leave Google to quickly look up statistics.

In a move sure to annoy newspaper sports editors, the search "germany v australia", for example, currently returns the score of yesterday's game and the Group D table, above normal web results.

Searches such as "word cup tv" return a list of fixtures, while "world cup final" shows the date and time of the climactic match. The information has been extracted from

The search results pages will even display live scores during the matches, Google blogged.

The FIFA results have the same prominence as other services that Google has built into its interface, such as mathematical tools and currency conversion.

These all negate the need to visit a third-party web site to get the information you want, making Google look more like a 1990s-style portal and less like a search engine.