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How good is the iPhone 4 display?

Much has been made of the new Retina Display used in Apple's latest iPhone but, in this case, it really is true that the camera doesn't lie.

Apple says the screen's 300-plus pixels per inch is as good as the eye can see at a reasonable viewing distance of ten inches, and many pundits have gone to great lengths to mathematically prove that Mr Jobs is talking codswhallop.

But one photographer has beaten the naysayers to the punch with a pair of pics which admirably showcase the iPhone 4's screen.

The first shot below, which was posted by snapper Robert Scoble, shows the handset in all its pixeltastic glory displaying a page of the New York Times. It looks like the shot was sneakily taken over someone's shoulder and it's not exactly brilliantly in focus (the bottom left of the screen is the best bit).

The text is readable down to a ridiculously tiny size as you will see if you click through to the full size picture. Beware, though. It's pretty huge. Dial up connections should just take our word for it!

Just for a fair comparison, here's a similair shot at the same size of the same page shown on an iPhone 3Gs. Looks horrible doesn't it?