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Microsoft Reveals 3D TV Without Glasses

Microsoft's Applied Science Group has demonstrated a new type of lens to be used in television screens, which allows viewers to see images in 3D without the need to wear special glasses.

Researchers at the Applied Science Group explained that the lens beams individual images to the left and right eyes of the viewers using a viewer tracking system.

The sophisticated viewer tracking system uses a camera to capture the position and movement of the viewer so that the lens can beam separate images to each eye.

Technology Review explains that the new 'wedge lens' is thinner at the bottom than at the top, and beams light to viewers' eyes by switching light-emitting diodes along its bottom edge on and off.

Steven Bathiche, the director of research at the ASG said: “What's so special about this lens is that it allows us to control where the light goes.”

Bathiche added that the lens developed by his team was capable of beaming 3D video to two viewers at the same time, and 2D video to up to four people.