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New Xbox 360 Pictures leaked Before E3

Popular gaming blog Kotaku has uploaded leaked photos of what seems like an upgraded Xbox 360 gaming console, ahead of the E3 conference.

Italian site Console Tribe, stated that over the night the leaked pictures appeared on a number of Italian websites but have since been removed.

According to the pictures, the new Xbox 360 has a sharper design than previous models, which tended to have more rounded edges.

If rumours are to believed, the latest gaming device will come with a 250GB hard drive as standard and the more exciting built-in Wi-Fi adapter, something Xbox lovers have been crying out for.

Gamers have been speculating furiously over the new console, voicing their hopes that it will have a better cooling system, be quieter, come in a choice of two colours and remain affordable.

The new Xbox 360 is expected to be unveiled by Microsoft at the E3 conference tomorrow.