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News@10: Motorola To Launch 2GHz Smartphone, iTunes Connect Mobile

Motorola has confirmed that it plans to release a 2GHz smartphone by the end of 2010. The Android-based smartphone is expected to contain a number of cutting-edge features including a gyroscope, Nvidia Tegra-based graphics processor and flash 10.1 hardware acceleration.

Developers creating software for Apple's App Store can now keep track of application sales using the newly released iTunes Connect Mobile application. Apple has provide access to iTunes Connect, the back-end portal for the App Store, from the new iTunes Connect Mobile, to help application developers access their sales charts from anywhere in the world.

Sony has no intention to cut the price of its PlayStation 3 games console, the company says. Sony Computer Entertainment's UK sales director, Mark Howsen, said that executives at the company hadn't even discussed the possibility of a price cut at the E3 entertainment conference, MCV has reported.

A YouTube video has been used as evidence in an investigation involving a licensed snake-handler accused of illegally releasing captured snakes. Sunshine Coast snake catcher, David Dixon Jolly, 72, pleaded guilty to 62 charges concerning the illegal treatment of snakes.

Uk mobile company Virgin Media risks being left behind, after becoming the only UK mobile provider not to announce that it will be selling the Apple iPhone 4 after it launches on 24 June. Mobile News has cited internal sources claiming that the service provider is currently in negotiations with Apple to discuss the matter.