Nintendo 3DS Handheld Leaked By Chinese Blogger

Gaming site Kotaku has leaked the design and specifications of the new Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming console prior to its expected launch at the E3 conference.

Although not confirmed by Nintendo, the Telegraph reports that both Kotaku and Wired have quoted a Chinese blogger who claims to have the development kit for the portable device.

The Nintendo 3DS is expected to be much improved from the older DSi version, having two touchscreens, a 3D camera, a tilt sensor, the standard D-pad and an analogue joystick.

The top touchscreen is larger than on previous versions, providing a better 3D experience. The 3DS is also rumoured to be more powerful than the current handheld gaming consoles on the market.

The leak has come one day before the beginning of the E3 annual video gaming showcase, at which developers gather to unveil the latest gaming titles and gadgets for the upcoming year.