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Opera embraces HTML 5

Alternative browser bunch Opera has posted up its own HTML5 showcase. Not to be outdone by Apple and its partisan Safari-only shenanigans, Opera as a new build up its sleeve.

Opera 10.60 supports Google’s WebM open media initiative and build 3419 fixes a range of bugs, as well as adding the ability to play HTML5 video using Google’s VP8 codec.

"The web is moving quickly these days," blogs Opera, saying it intends "to stay at the forefront of open web standards."

The build adds four features related to HTML5 and other open standards, as well as an update for a previous implementation.

The outfit has posted demos of WebM support for HTML5 video, HTML5 Offline Web Applications, Geolocation, Web Workers and a major update for Cross-Document Messaging. These can be viewed here.

Opera notes that it has also added sets of specific fonts to be used for CJK web sites, which should improve readability and says Mac users should also notice some performance improvements.