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Samsung Android tablet details leaked

A Vietnamese web site has leaked details and photos of Samsung's forthcoming iPad challenger, the Galaxy Tape.

We're not sure if the whole 'Tape' thing has been somehow lost in translation, but we'll have to wait for the official launch for the real name, if it changes.

Tinh té (Google translation) reckons the seven-inch tablet, which looks remarkably similair to Apple's offering, will have a super AMOLED screen, an ARM A8 processor running at 1.2GHz, and 18GB of onboard storage which can be upgraded to 48GB by adding a 32GB MicroSD memory card.

The device will reportedly run Google's Android 2.2 mobile operating sytem, comes with a built-in book reader application, and weighs in at 370g.

Rumour has it that the Galaxy will hit the shops in September but, as yet, no estimate of price has been thrown into the mix.

According to the Vietnamese site, the details were leaked via Twitter but the offending tweet has since been removed.