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Skobbler Offers Free Satnav App for iPhone Users

Skobbler, a maker of video and audio navigation systems, has released a free satellite navigation application for the Apple iPhone 3G and 3GS.

The new application, which incorporates the OpenStreetMap navigation service, has been released to iPhone users in the UK and Ireland through Apple's App Store. It allows users to access sophisticated satnav navigation free of charge.

OpenStreetMap is a user-generated 'wiki' service. Like Wikipedia, it allows users to edit online navigation maps, adding their own places of interest. This means that iPhone users of the maps will be able include their own routes to help out other users.

Marcus Thielking, co-founder of skobbler, said: “All those who have edited the map have experienced a real sense of achievement. Everybody can make sure that their respective neighbourhood has the best map coverage.”

Thielking added that the free app is supported by mobile advertisements. Alternatively, users can also download the ad-free version for £1.99.