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AT&T Blames 'Hackers' For iPad Security Breach

US wireless carrier AT&T has blamed a company of self-styled "hackers", Goatse Security, for an e-mail leak that exposed the personal data of over 100,000 US iPad 3G users, including top-ranking officials at the White House.

In an e-mailed apology to all affected users, AT&T said it was sorry for the security lapse that led to the incident, blaming "computer hackers" who "maliciously exploited" a function implemented by the company in order to speed up the iPad log-in process.

Dorothy Attwood, AT&T's chief privacy officer, explained that the security group, Goatse Security, had deliberately created a software code that extracted email addresses and integrated circuit card identification (ICC-ID) from AT&T's network.

She argued that “The hackers deliberately went to great efforts with a random program to extract possible ICC-IDs and capture customer e-mail addresses. They then put together a list of these e-mails and distributed it for their own publicity.”