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UK Doctor Calls for Ban on PCs for Under-9s

A renowned psychologist in the United Kingdom has called for a ban on young school children

using computers.

The Telegraph has reported that Dr Aric Sigman, a UK-based psychologist, has criticised rules implemented in 2008 that insisted that computers should be introduced to toddlers as early as 22 months of age.

Instead, Sigman says children should be introduced to IT at around the age of 9.

While speaking at a conference attended by childcare specialists from all over the UK, Dr Sigman said that there is enough evidence to prove that the early introduction of information and communication technology (ICT) to children hampers the very skills the government wishes to develop.

According to Dr Sigman, unrestricted use of computers can cause a conflict between a child's ability to multi-task and to their ability to maintain attention.

He said: "It must be introduced and used judiciously at much later ages – ideally at least age nine – or it can subvert the development of the cognitive skills and curiosity it was intended to foster and enhance."