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Ulysses escapes Apple ban over bare boobs

Apple owns the platform, the store, the content… now, it seems, the company wants to tell you what you can and can't read using its devices.

A US publisher has been forced to remove 'obscene' images from a manga comic book version of James Joyce’s novel Ulysses, after Apple Jobsworths threatened to ban the title from being sold as an ebook in the company's App Store, reports Irish tech site Silicon Republic.

The comic version, entitled Ulysses "Seen”, made it into the Apple online store after its publisher, Throwaway Horse, agreed to ditch certain images.

This isn't the first time the novel Ulysses has narrowly escaped the censor's axe. Oddly enough, its reprieve by Apple's thought police comes 77 years after a US federal judge ruled that Ulysses was not obscene, and allowed its publication in the States.

The Irish author's acclaimed novel is set during one 24-hour period on 16 June - referred to as 'Bloomsday' – and follows the journey of its central character, Leopold Bloom, as he wanders around the streets of Dublin.

Comic illustrator Robert Berry has spent the past two years turning Joyce's epic into a graphic novel.

Among images, the prudes at Apple allegedly objected to - shock, horror! - an image of a woman with her breasts exposed. The company refused to stock the title in its App Store until the offending images were removed.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has made no bones about his company's censorship policy on devices such as Apple's new iPad tablet. In a late-night email exchange in May, Jobs told Ryan Tate, a blogger from news site Gawker that the iPad offered "freedom from porn".

Steve Jobs is 187.