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Apple and Google Snub Invite To Senate Inquiry

Apple has refused to attend a conference on web privacy called by a group of US senators, who are now showing keen interest in what exactly the company has to hide.

Search giant Google also refused to attend the conference.

Technology giant Apple has irked Senator John Rockefeller, chairman of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, by not attending a hearing on web privacy policies for children, news site Politico has reported.

Apple has not spoken about its absence from the conference, but it isn't the first time the company has attracted criticism from US authorities.

The FCC last year investigated Apple's refusal to include the Google Voice application in its iPhone App Store, and the FBI is currently investigating last week's iPad data breach.

According to Rockefeller, the snub to the senators' invitation to attend the hearing has led to increased interest in Apple and Google by investigators.

The Senator said: "When people don’t show up when we ask them to... all it does is increases our interest in what they’re doing and why they didn’t show up."