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Apple announces sim-free iPhone 4 prices

Apple has announced off-contract prices for the forthcoming iPhone 4.

A 16GB model will set you back £500 minus a quid and the 32GB version adds another £100.

Cheapskates can still pick up an old school 3Gs for £420 but don't expect it to do all the fancy new stuff like editing HD video. [Cough! Ed.]

Rumours that the UK won't be getting a white version of the latest version of the Holy Handset for the ladies any time soon have been more or less confirmed by the fact that they are currently unavailable for pre-order.

iPhone4 early adopters determined to set up their own airtime contracts should also be aware that the new handset uses the new micro-sim standard, and should check whether their airtime provider supplies such a thing before shelling out the shekels.

Pre-orders are being take on the Apple UK Store right now for free delivery or pick-up-in-store if you don't mind standing in a queue at 5am with a bunch of slavering Apple geeks.

The UK Apple Store has fallen over several times this morning under the sheer weight of numbers trying to pre-book an iPhone 4. Last time we tried it was working fine.