Apple Forces Publisher to Censor iPad Version of Ulysses

Apple has forced a US publisher to censor a comic book version of James Joyce's 'Ulysses' before allowing it to be sold in the company's App Store.

The creators of the graphic comic version James Joyce's novel, Ulysses "Seen", said that Apple had asked them to remove 'obscene' images containing nudity if they wanted to get their ebook approved for sale in Apple's in the iPad App Store.

Robert Berry, the artist who illustrated the ebook, told The New York Times that an image depicting a woman's naked breasts appeared to offend Apple's application approval panel the most.

Upon learning this, he offered to alter the image by covering the woman's breasts with a leaf or a cloth, but even that was not acceptable to Apple - a representative demanded he remove the body from the image, and told him to focus on the face instead.

Speaking to the New York Times, Chad Rutkowski, the business manager at Throwaway Horse, the publisher behind Ulysses "Seen", said: "I actually argued with the guy from Apple. The way Rob drew it is important to what’s being expressed there."