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Apple Refreshes Mac Mini Range

Apple has updated its new Mac Mini range and shrunk the thickness of the device by more than half compared to the original design that was released five years ago.

The new 36mm-thick iPad mini now sports an aluminium unibody enclosure with what Apple calls a "removable" bottom panel that gives you easy access to the computer's innards and allows you to upgrade it easily.

The default configuration of the computer now includes an Intel Core 2 Duo processor running at 2.4GHz, 2GB RAM, 320GB hard disk drive and Nvidia's Geforce 320M graphics chipset, the same one used on Apple's Macbook range.

Apple is also marketing the Apple Mac Mini as the world's most energy-efficient desktop computer and uses less than 10 watts when idle. Apple compare its figures with the energy efficiency categories and products listed within the EPA ENERGY STAR 5.0 database as of June 2010.

Connectivity wise, the new Mac Mini comes with an integrated power supply, a HDMI port, GB Ethernet, a SD card slot (a first on any Mac computer), a Firewire port, mini display port, four USB ports, audio I/O, a slot-in DVD writer and Mac OSX Snow Leopard.

A SMB, server version is also available with a faster 2.66GHz processor, twice the memory, two 500GB hard disk drives but no optical drive and swaps the desktop OS for a Snow Leopard server installation.

The new Mac Mini costs £649 while the new server version goes all the way to £929 which, to be honest, err on the expensive side but is what you can expect to pay for an Apple Mac.

Désiré Athow

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