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Apple Store App Unveiled For iPhone and iPad

Apple has released its official Apple Store app for the iPhone OS, one which allows Apple customers to purchase products, accessories and services direct from their devices.

It is quite surprising that Apple is belatedly launching such an application, which has been aptly named the Apple Store, after so many other retailers have rolled out theirs.

The app will allow customers to read other reviews, find an Apple retail store, stay up to date with in-store events, make personal shopping, one to one appointments.

Apple apparently coincided the launch of the iPhone 4 and the Apple Store App so that customers can use the latter to preorder the former; smart move Apple!

The free app will work with any device that runs iPhone OS 3.0 or later and uses the device's own unique identifier to identify the owner and offer a more customised experience.

You will be able to pay directly through your iTunes account which furthers the possibility of using apps to make in-app payments, one which one commentator said, makes iTunes feels like the new Paypal.

Note that it doesn't seem to be available in all languages and that it is affected by the current issues encoutered by those looking to secure an iPhone 4 order.

Désiré Athow

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