Apple Unveils Prices For SIM Free iPhone 4

Apple has finally announced the prices for the SIM Free versions of the iPhone 4 and surprisingly, they seem to be relatively affordable for Apple products, at least when compared to their immediate competitors.

The 16GB version costs a mere £499 while the 32GB model adds another £100 to the suggested retail price. The phones are unlocked which means that you will be able to use them on any networks.

You will be able to pre-order the phone direct from Apple online store and get both models delivered for free on the 24th of June for UK mainland customers.

The white iPhone 4 is not unavailable for pre-order both in the UK and in the US, arguably because of limited stock. Customers can buy the phone from Apple stores scattered across the country, Best Buy and other partners.

They will be opened on the 24th of June from 8am. Interestingly, the 8GB 3GS version of the iPhone will go on sale on the same day for £419. All the main mobile phone operators in the country, except Virgin mobile, have confirmed that they will be stocking the phone.

Those looking to buy a new iPhone will have to remember to get a microSIM instead of a standard one or else resort to DIY to cut down an existing SIM to size.

(ed : we've got confirmation that the estimated shipping date will be around the 20th of July 2010, nearly one month after the release of the phone).