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Eight Million UK Broadband Users Risk Disconnection

Eight million UK broadband users are running the risk of having their access limited or being disconnected because of the Fair Usage Policies (FUP) and restrictions applied by UK ISPs.

The survey, conducted by price comparison service uSwitch, suggests that 48 per cent (8 million) of UK broadband users could be affected, as they are not aware of download limits currently imposed on them by their internet service provider.

uSwitch claims seven million broadband subscribers are currently under the impression that their internet connection is 'unlimited', while their ISP keeps a check on their download amount and imposes restrictions when necessary.

The survey also reports that two million Britons have received a warning from their ISP about their data usage, and 350,000 have been even penalised for exceeding download limits.

Matt Wheeler, communications expert at uSwitch, says: “millions of broadbanders are surfing the web and enjoying the delights of on-demand TV in blissful ignorance that they could well be approaching the limit that is acceptable to their provider.”