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'Fab Club' Announces High-K 28nm Chip Technology

IBM, ARM, Synopsys, Samsung and GlobalFoundaries have announced the latest 'high-k' metal gate technology at the Design Automation Conference (DAC) in California.

The "fab club" of chip makers announced a vertically optimised 32/28-nanometre process and design platform - the first of its kind in the global electronics industry.

The platform is based on Samsung's 'high-k metal gate' (HKMG) technology.

The 32nm process was first announced in 2008. The group then announced the further development of a 28nm process last year.

The companies are developing so-called 'metal gates' technology for making advanced and embedded gadgets such as 'system on a chip' solutions for mobile devices.

The solution uses a low-power processor and physical IP by ARM, connectivity IP and tool enablement from Synopsys, and 32/28nm technology collectively developed by IBM, Samsung and GlobalFoundaries.

IBM's "fab club" is expected to provide significant competition to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd, as soon as the high-k metal gate platform is announced in September.

Samsung will lead the commercialisation of the new technology.