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Google Earth lands on iPad

Google has updated Google Earth with a version for the iPad.

The pair are made for each other. Google Earth is great for fiddling about with when you should be doing something other than trying to spot your car on your own drive from 50,00 feet.

Likewise the iPad is a device looking for a function. For a long time the best place to noodle about with Google Earth has been the sofa, but the keyboard and hinged design of a laptop were superfluous to the task. Here's where the iPad comes in handy.

Version 3.0 of Google Earth has a few new features. The main one is that it works natively on the iPad, for which it has a new toolbar, search field, and popover layers so you can choose what information you want to view while you’re noodling about.

The software now features a road layer that works on the iPad and iPhone, in addition to existing layers of places, businesses, Panoramio photos, Wikipedia, borders and terrain. Indeed it's now not far off the PC version.

Google Earth for the iPad requires iOS 2.0 or later and available free in the App Store.