Hackers Condemn AT&T Over iPad Security Breach

Researchers at hacking collective Goatse Security have accused AT&T and Apple of irresponsibility, following last week's iPad e-mail security leak

US wireless carrier AT&T publicly apologised to nearly 114,000 iPad users, including high-profile industrialists, defence officials and politicians.

AT&T accused the Goatse Security group of exploiting a minor flaw in its website, calling the group's break-in a "malicious" act achieved after "great efforts".

Escher Auernheimer, a representative of Goatse Group, said in a blog post that, contrary to claims made by the service provider, it took the group merely an hour to retrieve data from AT&T's website.

The group disclosed the information to a journalist from Gawker Media, and destroyed its original copy of the data.

Auernheimer went on to say that the group has done a service to the public by exposing the flaw, which led AT&T to fix it.

The spokesman said he believed that if Goatse Security had not exploited the flaw, corrective measures wouldn't have been taken.