New OpenCl Parallel Processing Framework Approved

A new OpenCL framwork regarding parallel processing standards has been approved by the standards organisation Khronos Group.

The update will allow OpenCL to improve its inter-operability with activities on OpenGL, and will also enhance the platform to allow users better parallel processing capabilities in their CPUs and GPUs chips.

The update has been supported by various companies including hardware vendors AMD, Intel, and Nvidia, as well as games developers Electronics Arts and Blizzard.

Neil Trevett, Khronos Group president and OpenCL working group chair said: “The clear commercial opportunity to unleash the power of heterogeneous parallel processing that drove multiple OpenCL 1.0 implementations has also fueled the ongoing industry cooperation to create OpenCL 1.1."

The companies hope that the update, and the standard that it is set to bring, will be useful for hardware and software developers to implement parallel processing and general processing over the other GPU methods.