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Over 10,000 iPad Apps Launched in Three Months

Just three months after it launched, the Apple iPad has a total of 10,000 applications available in its App Store.

Apple developers are believed to be adding 1,000 new applications each week.

This means that despite having some of the strictest approval procedures in the market, Apple is giving the go-ahead to nearly 200 applications per day.

Experts have suggested that if applications continue to be released at this rate, users will have access to 35,000 applications by the end of the year.

The fact that the iPad crossed the 10,000 application milestone after just three months, when the highly popular iPhone took five, suggests the iPad is, as magazine Macworld claims - "the single most software-focused computer on the market."

This rate of app releases has also helped Apple's iPad App Store to begin catching up with Google's Android Market.

Games applications for the iPad make up about one-fifth of the total applications, followed by books and then educational applications.