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Revamped XBox 360 confirmed

Microsoft has officially unveiled the new-look Xbox 360 games console.

Imaginatively named the Xbox 360 S, we can only imagine the 'S' stands for 'slim', although this is not quite the feat of anorexification we saw when Sony put the PS3 on a strict diet.

In fact, Microsoft seems to have gone for the tactic employed by chubby girls with image issues everywhere and clad the console in a shiny Goth black coating in order to make it look a bit less weighty.

The much-leaked revamp, which is thought to be built around and IBM Xenon CPU and an ATI Xenos GPU, also gets a 250GB storage bump and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Disappointingly, the smaller size and cheaper manufacturing costs don't seem to have made it down to the punter, as Microsoft is still flogging the new model for $299. The older Elite models are expected to drop in price to around $250 until inventory is cleared.

The real kicker, however, is that Microsoft is still refusing to jump on the Blu-Ray bandwagon which we believe remains the biggest barrier stopping the Xbox outstripping the PS3 once and for all.

The UK price is expected to be around £200 when it launches here on July 16th and there are unconfirmed rumours that a cut-down version will eventually be available for around £160.