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Rumour: Apple To Launch Official Apple Store App

Apple is in the process of launching an application to allow iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users to purchase Apple merchandise straight from their devices.

Citing sources within Apple, tech blog Boy Genius Report claims the company will launch the official Apple Store application on its App Store today.

BGR reports that the Apple Store app will be identified by a blue icon with an Apple logo in the middle.

The application, expected to be made available for a free download, will work as a mobile version of Apple's official website, featuring all the products currently offered by the tech giant.

Apart from shopping, the application will allow users to make Genius Bar appointments, apply for one-on-one training sessions and check what new products the store has in stock.

Currently the company has refused to acknowledge the existence of the application, but experts believe it's about time that the company released a shopping application for its retail chain.