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Rumour: GeForce GTX 485 scheduled for autumn

Now that TSMC's 40nm chip-drought appears to be over, rumours about a new top-end Nvidia chip called the GeForce GTX 485 are starting to trickle through.

The German gossip miners over at Hardware.Infos (opens in new tab) (Google Translation here (opens in new tab)) have gathered up some information about the chip, which looks as though it could be the Fermi GPU that Nvidia wanted to release originally.

Now that 40nm yields are up, and more faultless chips are coming through, the site says that Nvidia is gearing up to release a Fermi chip featuring the full count of 512 stream processors. This was the amount that Fermi was supposed to have at launch, but the GeForce GTX 480 ended up only having 480 stream processors instead.

At the time, we asked Nvidia’s senior technical marketing manager Lars Weinand whether it would still be possible to make a Fermi chip with the full 512 stream processors in the future, and he told us: "Yes, it’s very possible."

It looks as though Nvidia's now planning to show us the full potential of its Fermi architecture.

In addition to the full 512 stream processors, the site says the chip will also feature 64 texture units, which makes sense given that there are 60 in the GTX 480. The site also reckons the GPU will be clocked at 720MHz – 20MHz higher than the GTX 480, while the stream processors will be clocked at 1,440MHz – 40MHz higher than those in the GTX 480.

Of course, none of this is official yet, and Nvidia refuses to comment on announced products. However, if Nvidia's supply problems are over, and enough top-spec chips are coming off the production line without faults, then it would make perfect sense to release a full-spec Fermi chip.

According to the site, the GeForce GTX 485 is expected to be released in autumn this year, with a price that's around $20 more than the introductory price of the GeForce GTX 480.

The GTX 480 had an RRP of £429 inc VAT when it was first released over here, although cards can now be bought for £381.26 (opens in new tab). Assuming that all the above information is correct, we'd expect the GeForce GTX 485 to debut at just under £450 in the UK. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.