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Tesco Online Music Locker To Rival iTunes

Tesco is set to launch Digital Locker, an online cloud storage service that will allow users to store movies and music and access them from any internet-enabled device.

UK magazine Home Cinema Choice reveals that the UK-based international grocery giant will be targeting the UK home entertainment market.

The service, set to be a formidable competitor to Apple's cloud-based iTunes store in the UK, was introduced at the Futuresource Entertainment Summit in London by Richard Bron, the CEO of the company behind the development of the platform, Blueprint Digital.

He explained that apart from storage options, consumers will be able to buy audio and video files which will be automatically stored in the customer's online 'locker'. The purchased files can then be streamed or downloaded using any internet enabled device, including internet-ready televisions.

Bron explained:"Devices would need to be registered, so that the device can be authenticated by a clearing house to prove that it is that person, and is content they own. The content could then be either streamed or downloaded to that device, whenever or wherever they are," adding: “Our idea is content anytime, anyplace."