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Trend Micro Acquires Cloud Storage Firm Humyo

Security company Trend Micro it to buy UK-based cloud storage and data synchronisation firm Humyo.

Humyo offers data synchronisation and online data backup services to users of internet-enabled devices.

Trend Micro has announced no plans to alter Humyo's product portfolio, but will look to incorporate some of the company's technology into its own existing line of security offerings.

Announcing the deal, Trend Micro explained that Humyo's product range offers customers flexibility over their data storage, including the ability to back up the files on their PC to an external hard disk while they are offline.

Secure online storage is offered via a dedicated data centre based in a former Bank of England vault.

Eva Chen, the CEO of Japan-based Trend Micro, said (opens in new tab): “Humyo's superior data synchronisation technology... is a clear differentiator that helps to ensure that users' files are always safe and secure as well as effortlessly organised.”