TripAdvisor Teams Up with Facebook for 'Cities I Like'

TripAdvisor, the world's biggest travel information website, has joined hands with social networking platform Facebook to allow users to ask their Facebook friends for travel-related advice.

The company says that users who log in to the site using Facebook Connect to search for information about hotels, restaurants and destinations, will be able to see a list of Facebook friends that have visited that location.

Users will then be able to ask their friends for advice on their chosen destination.

The information powering the feature comes from users' publicly available Facebook profile information, together with TripAdvisor's 'Cities I Like' application on Facebook.

The application comes in the form of a push-pin map, which lets users pin-point places they have visited.

'Cities I Like' has so far received 16 million downloads, and has 5.5 million active users every month on Facebook.

Forrester travel analyst Henry Harteveldt said: “I think TripAdvisor recognises that a substantial number of people don't trust anonymous ratings and reviews.”