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Twitter Crashes Amid Surge in Traffic During World Cup

Twitter has been plagued by disruptions to its service for the second week in a row, as the micro-blogging site struggles to cope with the number of tweets being posted.

Twitter and its third-party applications have gone down several times in the past week.

The problems are said to be the result of Twitter's failure to adequately plan, configure and monitor its internal network resources.

Twitter administrators said that they have rectified the problem by increasing the capacity of the internal network.

Writing on the Twitter blog, Jean-Paul Cozzatti, a member of Twitter's engineering team, wrote on the official Twitter blog: "By doubling our internal network capacity and rebalancing load across the internal network, we're better prepared to serve today's tweets and beyond."

Cozzatti warned that throughout the World Cup, and especially during big matches, Twitter users may experience difficulties as site traffic surges significantly.

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