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Typewriter Given New Lease of Life Via USB

Having almost been driven almost to extinction, Typewriters may soon be back gracing desktops once again, thanks to Jack Zylkin's USB typewriter invention.

The USB typewriter can be attached to devices via a USB port, and features a sensor board attached to the typewriter's keys, using an interface board run by an Atmega168P microcontroller chip.

This interface board sends each keystroke to the device via the USB.

The USB typewriter comes with a power supply cord, crystal oscillator and USB voltage conversion. The software it uses is based on the open-source Arduino micro controller platform.

Zylkin claims that the installation process is easy, and will make users feel as if they are actually typing on a real typewriter.

Zylkin's first model will be available soon, priced between $400 and $500. It can also be purchased as a kit and built at home.