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Vodafone leaks own iPhone 4 price plans

Apple's iPhone 4 is available for pre-order in the US, UK, France, Germany, and Japan from today and Vodafone UK seems to have leaked its price plan for all to see - if briefly - before pulling down from the web.

An Engadget reader managed to grab some screenshots, which you can view here.

The cheapest way to get the gadget on Vodafone is to cough up £189 for the handset and then agree to fork out £15 per month for the next two years. For this you get a measly 75 minutes of calls per month, 250 text and a Gigabyte of data.

You do get to wander around with an iPhone in your pocket and you could just wander around pretending to talk to imaginary friends on it. If you're 14 year-old girl you'll probably be able to make a single call a month.

If you only agree to sign up for 18 months, your monthly bill goes up by a fiver.

You could choose to pay over £45 per month to get a decent amount of minutes and unlimited texts and the handset bunged in for free. Over two years you'll be forking out some £1080 on phone use.

And that's without bearing in mind that you'll get stung if you exceed your 1GB data limit or waffle too much on your calls, or go abroad and get phoned up in the middle of the night by PR companies.