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Vodafone Unveils iPhone 4 Prices By Accident

Vodafone apparently leaked out the iPhone contract prices yesterday on a test website but later canned the website and posted a comment on its official Twitter account saying that the site nothing has yet to be confirmed or announced.

Gadgetvenue published screen captures of the pages which show that there will be two versions of the smartphone, either 32GB or 16GB and in white or black. According to the stills, Vodafone will be offering both 18 month and 24 month plans.

Further details published show that the phone will cost as much as £280 with a £30 per month contract (over 18 months) which will give you 75 minutes and 250 texts. All iPhone handsets will reportedly come with 1GB mobile internet and webmail as well as 1GB Wi-Fi with BT Openzone.

Customers can expect to pay £45 per month at least over 24 months to get the handset for free with 1200 minutes and unlimited texts. An additional £15 per month will give customers a whopping 3000 minutes per month.

Interestingly, should the leak be true, then Vodafone will have trumped O2 by offering to all its customers twice the amount of data quota.