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World Cup Fever Hits iPhone And Android Apps

For those who just can't get enough of the World Cup, a series of newly released applications will now help to bring the match-day atmosphere to both iPhones and Android-based smartphones.

The applications Vuvuzela 2010, Virtual Vuvuzela and Pocket Vuvuzela allow users replicate the sound of the horn heard reverberating around South African stadiums by blowing into the microphone of their devices.

Developers have even brought a competitive element to the horn-blowing extravaganza, releasing the applications Vuvuzela Championship Free and (paid for) Vuvuzela WorldCup.

Users with overactive adrenal glands can now compete to see who can most infuriate the surrounding public by making the loudest sound.

Other applications released to celebrate the World Cup include a musical application that allows users to play customised versions of such lyrical greats as 'Three Lions' and 'Eng-er-land' with music provided by a mixture of drum beats, air horn, crowd chants and multiple-vuvuzela ensembles.